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Mind’s Eye

4.8 ( 8128 ratings )
Розваги Освіта
Розробник: Mind Stretcher

With the Mind’s Eye app, Mind Stretcher has brought a new dimension to learning. Reveal virtual messages (which could be in animation or video form) hidden in various Mind Stretcher collateral using the Mind’s Eye Augmented Reality (AR) application. Watch our mascots – Marque and Sage – come alive and move and talk before your very eyes. You can even interact and play with the dynamic duo on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Pick up facts and learn new skills through this exciting and mind-blowing app. Learning has never been more fun!

How to use:
(1) Download the Mind’s Eye app.
(2) Look out for images that are accompanied by the Mind’s Eye icon.
(3) Launch Mind’s Eye and point the camera at the image to reveal the virtually embedded message!